Letters from Happy Couples

Nothing makes us smile more than receiving notes from our couples about how we played a role in the happiest day of their lives. Getting to know them so well that we often stay friends long after their wedding is an added bonus!


I don’t know where to begin because 24 Carrots, and especially Laura Fabian meant so much to me… but I’ll try 🙂 You would have to know me (the perfectionist) to understand that my review is wholeheartedly honest. Beyond the amazing food that they make and the creative ways in which they serve and display the food, the people that work for them are the warmest, kindest and most caring people. Laura, you have no idea how grateful I am to have met you. I always looked forward to our visits and phone calls (she was my part time therapist LOL). 24 Carrots didn’t just get the job done; they understood the people we were, and made the party as if we ourselves had hosted the wedding at our home. You wouldn’t believe how many people have called me and came up to me at the wedding to tell me how amazing the food and the service was. Just to give you an example… My husband Seth and I were sitting in the bridal cottage (at Rancho Las Lomas) waiting for the guests to finish the cocktail hour and then find their seats. During that time, two of the servers came to us and asked us what we would like to eat and drink. To some this may sound insignificant, but on the day of my wedding it made me feel like a queen. It’s the little things 🙂 In addition to the food services, 24 Carrots are amazing at invitations. I wish I could post mine to show all of you. Okay, I will stop writing… but I recommend 24 Carrots for any event and I will definitely be using them again should I ever have a GRAND party.


Can you say amazing wedding food!!! Most people leave wedding thinking that the food was either mediocre, boring, the typical, or COLD, with Outoftheblue Catering  you get the complete opposite. My family asked if we could have the same food from our wedding on Christmas Day, that’s how good it was. My husband and I wanted something different than the typical wedding food, so we did stations of various things (mashed potato bar (served in martini glasses), salad bar, pasta bar (served in martini glasses), and prime rib carving bar). This turned out better than I had expected. I was worried there would be lines; there wasn’t, I was worried people would think it’s weird or not get full; everyone left stuffed because they ate more than they needed to because it was so good. The presentation alone with 24 Carrots is top notch. The way our cocktail appetizers were served was beautiful, our tray passed ceremony champagne turned out fabulous, everything… I could go on and on! 24 Carrots is not the cheapest cater in town but you definitely get what you pay for. The staff OMG, they are amazing, everyone and everything was taken care of. Us (the bride and groom) along with our bridal party were pretty much waited on hand and foot. If we needed food, a drink, anything, we were always the first served and were never empty handed. We worked with Kimberlyn and she made everything so easy and was always quick to respond and accommodate us. Thanks for everything; we will for sure be using them again. Maybe have our exact wedding food for our 1 year anniversary!


Outoftheblue Catering is hands down THE BEST catering company in Orange County! We used 24 Carrots for our wedding this past March, and this review will never be able to express how amazing they are. Here are some of the top reasons to choose them as a caterer for your next event: 1. THE FOOD – Seems obvious, but so many caterers don’t focus on the quality of their food! Everything at our tasting was delicious!! It’s easy to serve delicious food to a couple though… what really impressed us and our guests was the quality of the food at the actual wedding. You hope the food will be the same quality the day of the wedding, but when feeding over a hundred people that can be a challenge for some caterers. Not for 24 Carrots!! Everything… appetizers, salads, main course, late night snacks…was perfect. Served at the appropriate temperatures, excellent taste, great portions. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!!! 2. THE PEOPLE – Kimberlyn Richardson was our event coordinator. Words can’t express how awesome Kimberlyn is! Her focus is catering, but beyond making sure the catering and rentals are perfect, she is so nice and truly cares about the people she’s working with. She goes the extra mile to make sure you’re happy and well taken care of. Additionally, all the staff at 24 Carrots (servers, bartenders, chefs, even people who work in the office/accounting areas) were extremely professional, nice, and treated us very well! 3. PRESENTATION – Their food is plated and garnished so beautifully. Really shows the pride they take in their work. The great thing is that it doesn’t just stop there… LOVED that when they served our guests dinner all people at the table were served at the exact same time. This made everyone feel so special… exactly as it would be presented at a high end restaurant. 4. OVERALL VALUE – 24 Carrots is definitely not the cheapest catering company in the area and I am huge on value, so in the beginning I struggled with pricing. In the end, though, it’s clear to me that hiring 24 Carrots is worth far more than what you pay. We did not have to worry about one single detail in regards to catering because we were reassured at every point in the process not just through words, but through actions, that we would be well taken care of. When investing in a major event, this is something you can’t put a price on. Combine that with the amazing food, people, and presentation style, and you really can’t afford to not hire them. They won’t disappoint even the most picky or detail oriented (trust me — I’m both)!!!


My fiancé (now-husband!) and I had a very specific vision for our wedding when we began searching for catering vendors last year. He and I are from England and California respectively, but were living in Italy at the time – we wanted to create a menu that really reflected us personally & that showcased our ‘foodie’ side as well as our cultural backgrounds. We didn’t want the same ol’ boring ‘chicken or beef’ kind of wedding – but envisioned doing creative interactive food stations based on our tastes. And, we didn’t want a cake, but wanted to do a gourmet imported cheese table with fruits, and a candy buffet. We interviewed a few caterers and none quite ‘got it’ until we spoke with Lynn Rinek (who is THE BEST!!!) at 24 Carrots – she completely understood our vision & not only executed it with her team perfectly, but essentially walked through the entire planning experience with us over the past 10 months and made it her vision as well. Our wedding was last Friday night, April 9th and I can honestly say that EVERYTHING went better than we’d even hoped. Lynn was there for us throughout the entire evening, always one step ahead of us. For example, at one point I panicked when I noticed that a guest had brought a date that I’d not anticipated. I was looking for Lynn to see if she could make an extra place setting for his date when she actually found me and said, “Not to worry! I noticed when they came in and it’s all handled already – we pulled up an extra chair and made her a place card!” It was incredible! Lynn’s coordination allowed me to feel like one of the happiest, most relaxed brides ever – everything ran smoothly, the food was delicious & was prepared to gourmet standards (a FAR cry from the typical ‘chicken or beef’ kinda’ scenario!!) – our guests are still raving about our ‘alternative taco martini bar’ and ‘interactive risotto station’!! I may not have mentioned this, but my career background is actually in event planning and PR Management. I’ve coordinated events for over 10 years for high-end luxury companies around the globe and I can honestly say that the job that 24 Carrots and Lynn Rinek did for us is some of the BEST catering in the country, and in fact the world. My only regret is that I’m not getting to still work with them at the moment!! Maybe I’ll just need to hand in my resume, I loved their team so much!?! 😉 THANK YOU, LYNN & THE 24 CARROTS TEAM!!! Brides – if you are in doubt & need a good caterer in Southern California, look no further!! You’ve found the best right here!!

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